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Fandom: Danganronpa series
Characters: Kamukura/Komaeda
Note: vaguely set vague sex (really tame ok but not exactly sfw)


Kamukura had crawled between Komaeda's legs on the sofa, and was now staring at him expressionlessly. Komaeda didn't fool himself that Kamukura was looking at him with even vague curiosity. He was utterly bored. But that did nothing to diminish the heat creeping over Komaeda's skin, or the leap in his heartbeat.

Of course Super High-school Level Hope saw him as uninteresting scum; Komaeda wouldn't expect less. That Kamukura was here at all, looking at him, practically touching him was more than he deserved. Komaeda shivered with delight.

When he really wanted something he got it in the end. That was his luck.

He'd been able to live through a year of solitary confinement and scientific tests because he knew that his ridiculous luck worked its biggest miracles with ridiculous suffering.


Kamukura blinked slowly, ignoring his reaction, and reached for Komaeda's belt.


Not ignoring his reactions after all. Komaeda smiled to himself. He hadn't noticed it himself until that moment, but he wasn't surprised that he'd been hard before Kamukura touched him. Kamukura--Hope--just had that effect on him.

Kamukura roughly tugged his skinny jeans down his hips along with his boxers. He hadn't bothered to open the zipper properly and just kept dragging them down by force.

It hurt, but Komaeda chuckled breathily. It still amused and fascinated him that Kamukura, a being made of pure skill, a genius, could have the short temper of a bratty kid. Finesse was something he rarely bothered with. Komaeda could understand though--he wasn't worth Kamukura's time and effort, and he didn't need Kamukura to act like they were anything like lovers.

Still, it left him flustered, light-headed to have Kamukura's hands sliding up his scarred thighs, then taking hold of his erection. Kamukura touched him like Komaeda belonged to him, like it was a matter-of-course. Kamukura didn't even try to give a shit about Komaeda's feelings, or what he wanted.

But Komaeda always got what he wanted in the end.


"There aren't any condoms left… can I still put it in?" Komaeda asked.

He was already between Kamukura's thighs, and leaned down to nibble his knee.

"Do what you want," Kamukura said.

"Hahaha, you're so nice, Kamukura-kun."

He kept watching Kamukura's face while he pushed into him. Kamukura's expression gave up nothing; even when his skin flushed and his breathing quickened, his eyes remained indifferent.
Komaeda interlocked his fingers with Kamukura's, and pushed the hand down beside Kamukura's head.

"I promise I'll lick you clean after."

He savoured the involuntary widening of Kamukura's eyes; the thrill of a little surprise.

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