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Title: Beautiful Heartbeat
Fandom: Touken Ranbu
Characters: Kashuu/Taroutachi/male!Saniwa
Word count: 260

Tarou sat on the veranda, and let Kashuu paint his nails and touch up his make-up. Kashuu complained in compliment about how lovely Tarou's long thick hair was compared to his own. But really he wasn't complaining because it was more fun to play with Tarou's hair. And Saniwa loved how soft and feathery Kashuu's hair was, how easy it was to get a hold in.

Although Tarou's silence was often read as confusion or mental slowness, he truly had the depth of centuries of shrine life behind him and could discern to the heart of things in an instant, almost as if peering into people's souls. Demonstrating his knowledge was not a strong point however, as he'd been accustomed to lying about ceremonially, observing as the world went on around him. So despite discerning certain interest from Saniwa and Kashuu, he made no sign of his own opinion on the matter.

With a little wine his sly humour came out, and he and Kashuu neared each other with glittering narrowed eyes and languid gestures. While Kashuu appeared shy and coquettish, with dry jokes and blushes, and reluctance to remove even his coat, Tarou moved surely, but with a sort of placid innocence that nearly embarrassed Saniwa. Did Tarou understand the situation?

Tarou was slow to warm up, but did not mind new things. He just needed to do them at his own pace.

He never really lost his artlessness, the way he could just recline naked amongst the pillows without shame, and stare at Kashuu like a flame spreading over reluctant green wood.

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