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Title: A・NA・TA
Fandom: Touken Ranbu
Characters: Kashuu/male!Saniwa
Word count: 100

Kashuu said 'darling' so familiarly, pleased with himself for daring to, yet holding something back in uncertainty. He was full of knowing comments, droll looks with low-lidded eyes. As a self-described river-side urchin, he must have seen a lot of the floating world, but this existence in physicality of flesh and blood was just as new to him as the others.

His hands hesitated and stumbled through touches. He glowed in pleasure. Saniwa was quickly smitten by his vulnerability, so readily, unconsciously, confessed. Inviting sensuality. They were wooing each other yet somehow remaining at a distance.

"If I dare to look, do I get cut?"
"What! Oh, you mean-- No! No... that's just-- I meant that it's something only for me, and my master."

He'd forgotten about acting carefree.
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