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Title: Lunchbox Boyfriends
Fandom: Kuroko no basket
Word count: 1000
Rating: NSFW
Characters: Aomine/Sakurai (reversible)
Summary: that time Aomine offers to blow Sakurai.
Notes: vaguely set after Schoolboy S Fantasy, but this is silly and fluffy and awkward!sex.

'You sure this is all you want?' Aomine teased. He was lazily flicking his hips, just barely avoiding Sakurai's throat. Sakurai looked dreamy, like it felt good for him too. Aomine liked this, more than the surprising skill--Sakurai doing this for him, wanting to. Trusting him.

He kind of wanted to return the favour. Until now it had been that Aomine pushed and Sakurai gave; Aomine had been thinking he could also give and let Sakurai take.

'You've been feeding me so generously. Aren't you getting shit for that at home?' Aomine asked.

'Eh? I'm sorry! It's not like that at all. I didn't do it for Aomine-san to owe me anything. I promise, please don't worry about it.'

'I get it,' he said, and pulled Sakurai in again by the back of his head. 'I'm just saying, if you could have my hand... or my mouth...?'

Sakurai's eyes widened, and he let out a choked groan around Aomine's cock.

'See? You'd like that, right?'

Sakurai looked torn, but then shook his head. 'I- really, it's fine.'

Aomine frowned. He was lazy as hell, and didn't pay much attention to other people, but even he could do stuff for someone he liked. Sakurai made great lunches, was helpful in class, stayed late after practice. And the more he'd taken notice of Sakurai, the more Aomine realized he was damn cute...

'I want to, Ryou,' he said, running his fingers through Sakurai's soft hair. 'You have until I'm done to think about it.'


Aomine wasn't sure which he liked better: when Sakurai's eyes watered while he blushed, or his squirming embarrassment at having to stand up against the roof fence with his pants down in front of Aomine.

Sakurai still had his boxers on, looking unwilling to push them down. There was a wet stain where the head of his dick strained against the fabric. Aomine smirked. It was cute how Sakurai got wet before his junk saw any action.

Aomine got one hand stroking around the shape of him, and settled his other palm over Sakurai's balls, finding a new appreciation for that soft weight in his hand. They felt all tender and vulnerable; and knowing Sakurai had a thing for a little pain gave him ideas for later.

He squeezed, and Sakurai shook, released pent up breath and leaned into his touch, wanting that contact so bad.

Aomine liked the idea of teasing him for a while, but he was also cool with putting Sakurai out of his misery without blue-balling him too much.

He held Sakurai's hips with both hands, and leaned in. Sakurai's breath quickened. He was tense under Aomine's grip. Aomine nuzzled at his boxers, and wrinkled his nose. The whiff of dried piss at the end of a day was kind of nasty, but underneath that Sakurai also smelled hot and aroused.

Aomine parted his lips over the wet stretch of fabric, pressed his tongue into the taste of pre-cum. At that Sakurai yelped and jerked hard against his mouth. It took Aomine a moment to realize that Sakurai just came. Aomine had barely got his mouth on him, and he all up and came in his shorts from three seconds of contact.

'What the fuck, dude?' He laughed, wiping his lips.

After the long-ass time it took Sakurai to come that time, this caught Aomine right off guard; Sakurai too, by the background burble of his crying and apologizing.

But when Aomine considered it, it was pretty hot, in a pathetic way. So he decided he might as well give Sakurai a little bonus since he didn't get much of Aomine's sweet moves before he creamed himself.

The stain at the front of Sakurai's boxers was spreading, and some of the cum was dripping down the insides of his thighs. Without thinking about it, Aomine leaned in to lick it up.

Sakurai shifted and whined, gripped at Aomine's shoulders, putting uncharacteristic strength into it. He kept them there, like he wasn't paying attention to anything but Aomine's mouth right now. Aomine liked it more than he'd admit.

Sakurai's cum tasted bland and almost sweet, and it was no big deal to finally pull his boxers down, and lick at his wet dick. Sakurai gasped and squirmed his hips; his hands on Aomine's shoulders were reeling him in closer. Aomine got a face full of pubes. When he regained his balance, he bite a red mark into the top of Sakurai's left thigh.

Between being annoyed and turned on, Aomine forgot about technique and got into the spirit of biting and licking Sakurai in as many exposed spots as he could. Making him yelp and then moan wasn't a challenge, but Aomine took it as one anyway.

Sakurai came while sniveling and apologizing, grasping at Aomine's hair and neck.

'T-thank you, Aomine-san,' Sakurai said after sliding to the ground in a half-naked heap.

'Huh?' Aomine frowned, and Sakurai flinched.

'I'm sorry! It was terrible wasn't it? I'm so sorry!'

Aomine sighed. 'Don't thank me like I just did you a favour or something. I did it because I felt like it, not to repay you. When I said that stuff before I was just messing with you. If I was going to pay you back for the food it wouldn't be like this.'

'I'm... sorry...?'

'What, you think I'd go that far just because you make perfect egg rolls and never forget my favourite pickles? That's not what this is. Got it? If you liked it just say that.' Aomine's face burned hot as his mind caught up to his feelings. He scratched his cheek and made himself keep looking at Sakurai.

Sakurai was wide-eyed, and tilted his head as he tried to take in the meaning of Aomine's words.

'I'm sorry, I... it- I felt really good, Aomine-san.' He fidgeted with the hem of his shirt to hide his dick, which was turning half hard again. 'But, you'll still let me make lunches for you, right?'

Aomine grinned. 'Definitely! I want to eat your lunches every day, Ryou.'

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