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Bits meant for a one-sentence-porn meme, but they aren't adding new fandoms so I'll just leave them here.


K Project

Suoh/Fushimi - silence
Usually he wouldn't care about the noise, but Suoh liked pushing a hand over Fushimi's mouth, keep him quiet so it'd be less obvious when Fushimi was in his office to whine about Yata and ended up whimpering through a rough fuck.


Manami/Lindsay - phonesex
It was a good thing Manami was best in her department because no-one paid any mind that she'd been distracted and fidgeting with her phone most of the morning from teasing messages, or when she left her desk long enough to slip her hand into her panties while she had Lindsay on the line.

Lindsay/Sanae - sensation play
As much as Lindsay enjoyed fighting her, it was also fun to get Sanae's eyes to fall closed, the line between her eyebrows to relax, her lips to part and draw out little moans, all with the lightest touches on her tense body, tongue circling nipples, fingertips stroking over her clit.

Yuzuko/Natsuo - vehicular
Standing in a corner of the full train-carriage, it didn't take much extra movement for Natsuo to get Yuzuko to bite her bottom lip, thick eyebrows pulling together, arching surreptitiously against Natsuo, and feel panties growing damp against Natsuo's bare thigh.

Manami/Mitsuko - sex toys (worn under clothing)
Manami squirmed in her seat at the crowded post-tournament party while the plug in her butt vibrated quietly, and Mitsuko laughed against Manami's ear and said, 'This was the deal remember, Miss Loser Diaz?'


Masrur/Kouha - scars/scarification
Kouha liked finding and tracing the myriad scars on Masrur, liked how Masrur's rough hands ran over his fine soft skin with wonder and desire.

Ali Baba/Kougyoku - pegging/strap-ons
Ali Baba had never expected that on their wedding night he'd be the one squirming on his back, Kougyoku rocking into him, her pretty face flushed while she crooned gently, or that he'd enjoy it so much.

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