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Some fic pieces I found in my docs. Experimenting with writing trans* character porn because this modern setting is pretty good for it. Also my life needed more Stridercest.

All NSFW, all Bro/Dave.


Dave's got a pair of his lacy panties on, lying on his bed squirming slowly trying to be all sexy like and making it work while simultaneously looking like an awkward twink trying too hard to perform for the camera. Bro touches his ankle, wraps his fingers around it and squeezes to get him to lie still while they stare at each other through their shades. His dick's already stiff and threatening to flop out of the frilly waistband. Bro had never been that much into pretty femme dudes, but he would probably still find Dave gorgeous in the most ironically puffy frilly awful bridesmaid's nightmare dress because Dave's the sweet perfection of a Strider. And apart from the other levels of perversity going on here, it's weirdly hot seeing a feminised version of himself minus the gross feelings of personal dysphoria.

Bro tosses a small butt plug near Dave's head and says, 'You want this you make it happen.' Dave gropes up with one hand without turning his head. When he finally looks at it closely his lips twitch into an almost smile. The silicone is clear with a light red tint, and the core is filled with sparkles and little silver stars.

'Had to make it pretty for you, little bro.'

Dave gets out the lube, and Bro moves to settle more comfortably on the computer chair to watch. Dave pushes the panties from his hips just enough to bare his ass. Bro can see how he likes doing this to himself and probably does it often. There's no hesitation and a relaxed groan when the muscles in his arm flex. He goes right in with two fingers, spreads another helping of lube up into his ass. When Dave holds out the plug, Bro squeezes a swirl of lube onto it for Dave to spread around nice and thorough before he moves it to his slide into his cleft.

'Fucking tease, turn around so I can see,' Bro says.

Dave's a little startled, but he moves easily to reposition on his other side and sticks his rump out at a nice angle. He takes it slow, looking like he's teasing himself with the narrow tip to the point of letting out little gasps and moans before he even tries pushing it halfway in. When the last bit finally slides in he's panting, back arching into the intrusion; and Bro knows that sudden over-sensitive rush and heat spreads in his belly and groin. He wants to get a hand in his pants but he stays still, plays it cool.

Dave's face is turned away from him still and he wants to see it. He stands up and reaches to touch Dave's shoulder. Dave looks up sharply, but his mouth is still relaxed, slightly parted. He removes Dave's shades, and then his own. Dave blinks up at him. 'What now, Bro?' he says, sounding like he knows what he wants to do but isn't ready to bring it out into the open. As if he's expecting Bro has some sort of plan too. He's shit out of luck there because Bro is not going to make his current thoughts happen. As if he'd push Dave onto his knees and his face into the bed by the back of his neck and fuck him rough and fast with the panties still caught around his skinny thighs. Yeah, not fucking happening.

'You tell me, lil man. You said you wanted to do this.' He's starting to feel like a douche who's trying his best to avoid responsibility, but at the same time he doesn't want put Dave in the situation of feeling pressured to do stuff he's not comfortable with. Better let him think at his own level.

Dave rolls onto his back to look at Bro properly. He's trying not to fidget with his hands as they lie on his belly above the panty waistband. 'Could you get out your dick? I want to see the one you have now.'

Bro shrugs slightly and undoes his jeans, then carefully pushes them down along with his boxers. His dick hangs soft, lightly veined and flushed a darker pink at the head. Dave bites his lower lip and reaches out. Bro twitches when Dave gets a hand around it touching lightly, exploring the texture. 'Didn't think it'd be this thick and heavy. I mean shit, you think this'd even fit in my mouth when it's hard?'

'Jesus fuck, Dave.' Bro buries a hand in Dave's hair and his knees hit the bed beside Dave's head. His cock swings over Dave's face. 'Don't fucking tempt me.' Dave flinches but then smirks and says, 'Thought that was the point, bro.' Little smartass.

Yr Love

They're lucky to be on the top floor and that Bro's room doesn't share any walls with a neighbouring apartment. He lets Dave be as noisy as he wants, loves it when Dave doesn't give a shit that he sounds whimper-y and high because Bro's got his fingers pressing at the sweet spots in Dave's ass. He's lost in sensation and pleasure and yelling at Bro for being such a god-damn tease. Bro slows and responds with murmuring something with 'little bro' against Dave's ear because he knows how much Dave likes small things like that.

It's been safe to do it raw for a while now so whenever the little dude's up for it, Bro savour's it. Dave's admitted that he can't feel much difference once they get going, but he gets a rush from Bro coming inside him, and knowing how much it turns Bro on; so he's cool with putting up with the prep and resulting mess in his ass.

'Lemme lick up your cum,' Bro murmurs with his lips at the soft nape of Dave's neck. Dave tenses up; usually he's real quick to grab the tissues and wipe up his thighs and groin even if he can't be bothered cleaning up the mess of lube and cum around his ass before he stumbles to the bathroom. He's still fussy about that stuff. But Bro can't help wanting to see the hot result of how turned on Dave gets when they fuck.

'Come on little dude, cum is cum, we all got it.' He likes the way Dave tastes, all strong salty spice, and the insides of Dave's thighs are fucking beautiful under his tongue. Dave snorts at him. 'You gonna lick up your own cum too, Bro?'

'If you tell me you want that. You want me to eat you out right after I came inside you, huh? Kinky brat.'

'Took fucking long enough to clear out.'

'Yeah, I noticed. This is like some porn level of "I could eat ten loads out of this pretty ass" cleaned out. But better not do that too often, bro. Aint good for your insides.'

Dave rolls his eyes but agrees. 'It's damn annoying anyways.' He grimaces a little when Bro pushes his knees up towards his chest and tells him to hold there. He shudders, sensitive and a little uncomfortable. 'Careful, Bro.'

'I've got you.' Bro has his hands spread on Dave's ass cheeks, squeezing and massaging a bit before he runs his thumbs along the cleft and pressing at the soft pucker. Usually it's this almost indistinguishable light pink because Dave's so pale, but after fucking it's all flushed dark like the rest of him. Reddened and slick it looks so good, and Bro doesn't hesitate to stroke his tongue over it, feel it twitch. His thumbs slide in easy and he moves them gently, coaxing it to spit out his cum.

Dave's watching him, gasping and groaning softly at the continued stimulation after his last orgasm. Bro shows him a glimpse of cum on his tongue before he swallows it and dives back in to lick up more.

Although he's exhausted, Dave's starting to sound and look like he's getting wound up again and Bro doesn't mind getting him off another round as long as it doesn't take so long his tongue gets too tired to function. 'Hey little bro, want me to try getting you off again like this?'

Dave seems to consider it, but then shakes his head.

'You sure?'

'Yeah, maybe it's weird, but I like drawing out the feeling of still being horny after sex sometimes.'

'No I get you,' Bro says, pointing out his own half-hard dick. 'You look real tuckered out, little dude. Want to share a quick shower before passing out?' He sees Dave hesitating. Sure, they're brothers and they've seen each other's junk way often even outside sexy time, but Dave's still shy about getting naked in front of him under bright light and without distraction. They do it with curtains drawn during the day, or only light from computer screen or a dimmed lamp at night.

'Come on, you wash my chesticles and I'll wash your booty butt.' That gets a disbelieving laugh from Dave and he starts to roll to the edge of the bed. 'God Bro, you're so fucking weird sometimes.'

'I think you mean all the times.'

'Yeah, but, you're good that way.' He sighs, sleepy, and leans against Bro.

Not the Only One

Dave just tosses his clothes all casual and then goes straight for the front of Bro's jeans. Just as casual he pops the head of Bro's dick in his mouth and starts sucking down. Bro wouldn't quite call it skill, but Dave's not messing around like he's never had a dick in his mouth. It leaves a strange feeling percolating in Bro's gut.

Dave's eyelids and eyelashes have this thin delicate look to them that's usually lost to the world because of his shades. He pets Dave's hair. His kid brother, and he feels a new kind of calm, a zone where it feels like it doesn't matter, even though he knows it does. He doesn't hesitate to touch Dave more, because he wants to, wants this to go further.

With Dave already all naked it's easy to take him in before touching. He's still on the skinny kid side, but their strifing has always given Dave's body reason to grow more muscled even while staying slim. Sleek back and long legs. He's gonna be tall one day, and Dave's been betting on outgrowing Bro for years.

Bro finally relaxes back on the bed and Dave stops what he's doing to watch him settle on the pillows. 'C'mere,' Bro says, motioning for Dave to crawl over him. Dave tilts his head a little and doesn't shift. 'What, like on top of you?' He sounds uncertain and lifts one hand like a dog caught between motions.

Bro rolls his eyes behind his shades. 'Yeah, on your hands and knees and we can do this like 69-style. You do know what that is right.'

'Duh,' Dave says, but he's still slow to react.

'What's the problem, little bro? Scared of letting my mouth near your junk?'

'What? No,' he scoffs, and pushes himself up and clambers into position. When he's got Bro's dick in his face again his focus goes there like before, and for a moment Bro watches him get back into sucking it. At this angle there's not much to see down there, and in front of him Dave's peachy little butt is sticking in the air. All laid out for him to sink his teeth into. At the feel of teeth Dave garbles with a full mouth and squirms around in Bro's hands.

Dave hasn't reached a plush rump level yet, but he's well on his way. Soft-skinned and firm under Bro's hands and mouth. So pale any marks would show up easily. So tempting to suck or bite something that'll last a few days, mark him up.

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