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Nostalgia pieces. While I'm stuck on new stuff I might as well clear some stuff out of my old fic docs.

#light NSFW

Sweet & Clean
Flynn/Schwann (Alexei creeping in the background) | Tales of Vesperia

Kids these days, Schwann thought, trying to keep his gloved hands from losing their grip on Flynn's thighs. Schwann could see why Alexei had taken such an interest in the boy. He was fresh and unschooled; his reactions were unselfconscious and eager for every touch. The thought that this could be his first time eased Schwann's annoyance a little. Unlike some people, Flynn's roughness wasn't a show of dominance and humiliation. If he twisted Schwann's hair or bucked his hips hard and sudden, it was because he couldn't control himself against the pleasure.

Flynn was using him because he didn't know any better, because Schwann made this look easy even while he struggled to keep his own discomfort from showing. Alexei would notice though, and he'd like it. Maybe so much that he wouldn't wait until later but push Schwann over a crate in the shadows of the storeroom after Flynn was gone.

With the way he was feeling now, Schwann almost hoped for it. With the smell, taste, and feel of Flynn still fresh, he'd be able to imagine it was the new recruit twisting an arm behind his back and taking him hard and fast with only spit and sweat to ease the way. And no doubt if he didn't mess up, he could look forward to the real thing soon enough.

Wake Up
Hitoshura, demons | Nocturne
#some skeeviness/consent issues because Charm status ailment

The demons all had their own agenda for following Hitoshura, and he learned quickly that they wouldn’t interfere with charm spells and the subsequent activities, except to take advantage of the affected party. He had felt ashamed and violated the first time he'd enthusiastically rubbed himself all over an enemy Kaiwan mid-battle. Weaker casters usually ended up regretting their choice of spell when they weren’t quick enough in commanding him to do something useful like turn on the party or heal them. A charmed Hitoshura without direction only had its advantages if the goal was to get violently fucked.

It came as a surprise then that the party didn’t treat him any differently or think any less of him afterwards. It wasn’t as though they pretended like nothing happened out of disgust; they just didn’t consider it as something out of the ordinary. Like a lot of things in their world they accepted it as inevitable and something to be used to their own advantage when possible. If he had an issue with it he was expected to tear his opponent apart personally to settle it. He had seen Scathach do it, even to demons she had taken advantage of while they were charmed. She reminded Shura of a mantis, using and then killing her partners, only that she did it for personal pleasure and not out of a drive to reproduce. Many other demons did the same, even to their allies.

Eventually Shura also began to see it as an opportunity and stopped throwing around dis-charm when members of his own party were hit; and occasionally it worked out to his advantage, like the time Laksmi was charmed and couldn’t keep her hands off him. Whenever Shura became charmed the party would continue fighting the remaining enemies, and then watch quite openly until it was over. At times when they travelled through areas of weak demons and he was hit, it was usually the time to watch curiously to see whether he would throw himself at one of them before he snapped out of it. Although they followed him and called him leader, they weren’t above using his body when they could.

They had known each other for mere months, but in the vortex world that was longer than many demons lived. Certain demons had been travelling with him for what felt like forever by now. In that time Shura learned that within the party, where change was constant, there was also a constant testing and reshuffling of the hierarchy and undercurrents of clan disputes and alliances. He didn’t understand the half of it, but he knew that apart from the demons who had been travelling with him for a long time, there was little amiability between party members. They all had their pride and weren’t about to let those things go easily, but charm seemed to be an acceptable reason. When they were touching him from all sides, he felt like the neutral spot they could gather around.

Life in the Vortex world had also warped Shura’s previously narrow and straight view of sexual preferences. He still had preferences, but it wasn’t strange or repulsive any more to sleep with males, be penetrated by women, be bitten, strangulated, say and do things that could have come straight out of porn manga, and all of that often with strange demons while his companions watched. If Chiaki or Isamu ever saw or heard of the things he had gotten into they probably wouldn’t speak to him again, not that they really did these days anyway.

As Shura’s demonic abilities progressed and he became more resistant to status ailments, charm often wore off before he or the enemy were satisfied. But even that he got over, accepting and eventually enjoying the covetous looks of his demons.

Crazy in Love
that old married couple Shougo/Takumi | Worst

He finally relaxed and his harsh breathing gradually dropped, but Shougo kept Takumi pinned underneath him, even while he rested his head on the floor beside Takumi's. With his eyes closed, Takumi was almost overwhelmed by the strong smell of pomade that he could only be fond of coming from Shougo. They were perspiring so much they might've been steaming.

Takumi had been expecting and hoping that Shougo would hurry up and get him off too, but Shougo didn't move move until Takumi started to push against him. 'Want my hand?' Shougo asked, rubbing his hand lazily over Takumi's softened dick.

'Nah, on your knees, bro,' Takumi said, turning with a smile and unbalancing Shougo. If Shougo thought that their positions as Head and Sub-Head respectively now meant that he had privilege at the top, it was better to get that fallacy out of the way as soon as possible. After their overwhelming victory over the Jet Black Scorpion, Takumi was going to make sure Shougo didn't get too cocky as Head. And he still wanted to get back at Shougo for that other time, remind him that he could give it just as rough as he could take it.

Takumi might've felt a little bad about pushing Shougo around, messing the hell out of his hair and getting cum on his shades, if he didn't know that Shougo wouldn't want it any other way. That would just get him punched and accused of treating Shougo like a delicate girl. At least afterwards, when Shougo had his cigarette and was all worn out, Takumi could put an arm around his shoulders and kiss him so the smoke mingled in their mouths.

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