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Title: To want, to return
Fandom: Dragon Age II
Word count: 370
Rating: M
Characters: Fenris->Hawke, or on the way to Hawke/Fenris
Notes: guro-ish. Written when I had various tired feelings late-game/post-game. For context, my rogue!Hawke was a sadistic douche, who never actually romanced Fenris because I suck (and didn't want to do a replay). In my head though, Hawke was bad manipulative news for Fenris anyway.

Fenris didn't want to hear Hawke pretend that things such as the card games at the Hanged Man or with Donnic are anything but convenient distraction. Especially now that he was no longer a fugitive, wary of being seen, found, recaptured even at Hawke's side; he was weary.

'You're more like a dog than Hawke's actual mabari,' Anders had said, and Hawke, as usual, had kept a casual watch on them while they'd verbally stung each other from one end of the Wounded Coast to the other, occasionally dragging Merrill into the fray. But he couldn't shake the awareness of Hawke's gaze--calculating, but so cold, accentuated by the stark grey-blue of his narrow eyes. True emotion rarely showed there any more.

And now that it was on his mind, he couldn't help noticing with new awareness how kind Hawke still was to his loyal hound. Even his supposed lover fared worse these days. The mage could bleat about how glad he was that Hawke still let him trail along all the time, but Fenris saw no return flicker of warmth. Perhaps Hawke was just as weary.

Fenris recalled how not long ago Hawke had told them, glowing with an old spark, of how his dear pet had cornered a thief in the master bedroom. And when Hawke had returned to give his judgement, it had heartily obeyed. In his telling, Hawke had chuckled near uncontrollably at the detail of screaming filling the empty manor, and guts paraded in the mabari's jaws. They'd all been rather drunk, and laughed with him, but remembering now sent an appalling shiver to the base of Fenris' spine.

There were other things, Hawke things. The way he'd held Fenris with his gaze, confronting him, while he'd licked blood from the corner of his mouth. A fascination for it and readiness to draw it that would have been unbearable if he were a mage. But Hawke was rogue, a whirl of shadow at his side, at his back in battle.

While Hawke cooed at the mabari, Fenris slid to his knees, still so graceful it ached.

'I'm, so tired.'

What is the point of a life? To serve you, as long as you will have me.

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rinhail: (illustration -- peek into world)
From: [personal profile] rinhail
Okay, I know nothing about this fandom (I do know what Fenis looks like), but I love your writing and enjoyed this nonetheless.

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