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Title: Little Games
Fandom: Kuroko no basket
Prompt: 気付けば想っている | realize you're thinking about him/crushing
Word count: 725
Characters: Sakurai → Aomine
Notes: Set after that scene in the anime with the lunch-snatching, you know what I'm talking about. Just furthering my dorky AoSaku agenda.

Sitting in afternoon class, Sakurai rested his cheek on his hand; at lunch, when Aomine had leaned over him to pick at his bento, he had rubbed against the side of Sakurai's face with the careless ease of a territorial cat. He still wasn't sure what he should make of that, if anything. Aomine did things that didn't make sense to him; did whatever he wanted to, really. Like that time Aomine had one day just decided that he'd call him "Ryou" all familiar like, and Sakurai had been too confused and embarrassed to even ask why, or raise any objection.

It wasn't even like Aomine usually tried to hang out with him or be friendly outside class.

At the start of term, Aomine had barely said a word to Sakurai, barely even glanced at him to recognize that he existed in the seat next to his. Aomine was pretty much like that with everyone except Momoi though. From the start he'd taken a distant approach to his classmates, exchanging a lazy "yo" with some of the guys who were outgoing, also into basketball, or thought he was cool for his imposing height and careless attitude. But around them he never smiled except in a sneering or mocking way.

Hadn't he been smiling when Sakurai had panicked and promised to make him a bento? Sakurai made a stiff glance to the side, where Aomine was napping at his desk behind an open textbook. A patch of drool was staining his blazer sleeve. The teacher of this class rarely bothered to try waking Aomine up anymore. There wasn't much point, and Aomine passed tests anyway. Probably thanks to Momoi's skills and dedication to making sure Aomine kept his grades high enough to not be barred from club activities and ruining her plans for the basketball team.

Maybe he even slept so much during the day because after school he had to study through the night to keep up with Momoi's regimen. Sakurai smiled a little behind his hand. It sounded a bit like a manga scenario where the hero has to go to school like a normal student during the day, and train and fight during the night. Momoi sure seemed like she could be the super smart mentor character, who also happens to be the only one who can keep the hero in line. Sakurai almost giggled, but then self-consciousness made him gulp and choke on the air. He writhed silently behind his open notebook not to cause a disruption to the class. Then he took another glance at Aomine.

When Aomine was smiling or sleeping he did kind of remind Sakurai of the type of idiotic but pure-hearted manga hero he couldn't help falling for. OK, maybe pure-hearted was reaching. Momoi would say immature, and Sakurai would secretly agree with her.

Like a kid, Aomine would try to catch the bugs that wandered in through the windows near his seat; and once he'd kept a cricket in his desk and the teacher kept getting interrupted by it, growing increasingly frustrated and flustered, while Aomine slouched in his seat with a typical 'don't even look at me' scowl. But when Sakurai had given him a surreptitious glance from his position hunched over his books, Aomine had shared a sly grin with him.

Since establishing that Sakurai was also in the basketball club, and dedicated and skilled enough to be a starting player, Aomine would great him in homeroom if he wasn't napping, and let him borrow basketball magazines and manga. Sakurai would always hesitate and apologize, but then he'd return a smile to Aomine's smirk that had softened with the weeks.

And maybe they'd kept looking at each other in that moment quite longer than was normal between two guys who just happened to have assigned seats next to each other in class. On a manga page it would have been two stacked panels, like the moment the idiot hero grins and the heroine realizes that maybe he's kind of sweet despite being an idiot. Or something.

Sakurai put a hand over his flustered heart. That line of thought hadn't exactly gone in an expected direction. He almost wanted to cry internally because he still didn't know what to make of what happened at lunch, and Aomine was still napping like nothing ever bothered him.

Date: 2015-07-21 04:42 pm (UTC)
rinhail: (illustration -- nosebleed)
From: [personal profile] rinhail
Sakurai is just so cute. *heart eyes*

Date: 2016-08-31 10:19 pm (UTC)
darkyulate: (Default)
From: [personal profile] darkyulate
Siiiighs. I'm so late to this but this was so cute. Short and sweet. Really just lovely. I like how Sakurai's train of thought passes here. He's adorable ;3; I hope he gets through his ~crush~ okay haha

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