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Title: Us Against Whatever
Fandom: Kuroko no basket
Prompt: 恐ろしい瞳 | frightening eyes
Word count: 234
Characters: Sakurai, Aomine

Sakurai had no particular reason to go home on time, and rush-hour commute wasn't worth doing it just because he could. So he stayed behind, practised his shots without Wakamatsu hassling him, and tidied up the gym because the club members never did it properly after Imayoshi left.

"Hey, Ryo, still practising hard, huh."

Sakurai almost jumped in surprise. Aomine hadn't appeared at practice as usual, but he was here now. He hadn't bothered to change into gym clothes, but had swapped shoes.

"Y-yes, I thought I should... for the next match."

Aomine looked calm, almost bored, but there'd been agitation under the surface since their rematch with Seirin had been announced. Any mention of Seirin, and especially their top players, would turn Aomine's gaze frightening. Sakurai had been avoiding the topic altogether, though if he had to admit it, he was a little worried that Aomine was still avoiding practice.

"Satsuki got all up in my nap time with strategy talk. Like I'm gonna need it," Aomine said.

Sakurai couldn't respond. He wanted to agree, but--

"What, you're worried? That's cute." Aomine ruffled his hair. When Aomine turned away from him, Sakurai hurriedly combed down his hair.

"Everyone's losing their shit like Seirin might actually win. Not that I'll complain about a challenge, but--" Aomine clicked his tongue. "You've learned Satsuki's formation plans, right?"

Sakurai nodded.

"All right, show me what you've got."

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