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Title: Ready for the World
Fandom: Kuroko no basket
Prompt: 気付けば想っている(2)
Word count: 439
Characters: Sakurai, Aomine

When Sakurai arrived in homeroom in the mornings, Aomine would often already be napping at his desk, face hidden in his folded arms. He sometimes got a sleepy "Oh hey, Ryou," followed by, "lemme see that homework a sec." And then Sakurai would be shocked into apologizing and cringing, when Aomine bluntly pointed out places where he'd gotten something wrong and complained about it even while continuing to scribble down his last-minute version. Sometimes Aomine even stuck around after he'd finished his own version to repeat the points, so that Sakurai could correct his original answers.

Well, Sakurai did tend to get distracted from school work by scribbling manga characters in margins and on note pages, and when Aomine saw them he said something like "Whoa you're actually good at drawing, Ryou," and that was pretty cool, and despite panicking about having his sketches seen, Sakurai blushed with happiness.

Sakurai rubbed his blushing cheek while taking a glance over at Aomine, who was lazing at his desk because he was good at getting through the set maths problems quickly.

"What, stuck on a question again, Ryou?" Aomine said cheekily when he noticed Sakurai's glances.

Sakurai's head became heated, fuzzy with embarrassment and tearfulness. He apologized and hunkered down over his textbook again. There was no good reason why Aomine would be genuinely friendly with him, no reason for them to be close, no reason for Aomine to be interested. Wasn't that what everyone else was thinking, too? They were nothing alike, except that they were both on the basketball team. Even then, the "team" part wasn't much of a reality. When Aomine bothered to turn up to practice he didn't try to take any teamwork into consideration, and the coach and the captain mostly let it fly because Aomine had turned up at all, and they knew he'd win their matches regardless.

Sakurai liked the atmosphere of the basketball club, and eating his lunch there and the lunchtime practices. At least once he'd gained some respect as a starting player, so that even Wakamatsu would stick up for him if someone tried to pick on Sakurai. Sakurai was used to trying to just ignore nasty comments in school, but it made him happy that his team-mates accepted him, so he couldn't help apologizing frequently for causing the team inconvenience. At least there he was good enough, not just average and bland. Almost more than his drawings, basketball had become something he wanted to put effort into and be recognised for. And having someone amazing like Aomine on the team just made Sakurai want to work harder to keep up.

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