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Title: Come Around
Fandom: Kuroko no basket
Prompt: 電話のベルを待つ時間 | waiting for the phone to ring
Word count: 386
Characters: Aomine/Sakurai

Aomine watched the surroundings of his rooftop spot with an unfocused gaze. It was Friday, and Sakurai had said he wouldn't stay behind late at practice because they were going to Aomine's house. But it felt like practice was going into overtime. Aomine checked his watch again, and saw that it was actually only a little after the usual time when practice ended. Sakurai was supposed to call him right after, so he could wander down to their meeting spot while avoiding anyone else from the team.

He couldn't rest, though this was usually his time to laze around and flick through the latest gravure magazine he'd bought. He fidgeted with the little charm on his cellphone--it was a sleepy cat Sakurai had found so cute that he'd dragged Aomine into the store while they were wandering around together after school. Actually the tiny cat was one of an interlocking pair: one black, one white. Sakurai had kept the black cat. Aomine found that sort of stuff grossly sentimental. Though it was true that he'd also kept the phone-strap Satsuki had given him as a good luck charm before their middle school exams. Whenever she teased him that he shouldn't need that any more, he passed it off as a matter of convenience because it was easier to pull the phone out of his pocket by the strap.

His phone vibrated in his hand, pulling him from thoughts of whether they should eat out or order in, or try to cook something? Would that even work? What would Ryou want to eat?

Aomine looked at the screen and opened the message. Sparkle marks, stars and hearts. It annoyed him that Sakurai had wasted time on all the emoji, but it was also... cute, and typical of Sakurai's mails since they'd gotten together.

He jumped down beside the roof ladder without using it, and dashed down the stairwell to homeroom to pick up his stuff. At the shoe lockers he was trying to jam his feet into his shoes without untying the laces when from behind he heard: "Are you in a hurry?"

Aomine twitched and righted himself. Sakurai was looking flushed and a little smug. "Sorry, did I startle you?" he asked.

Aomine shrugged and tried to put his shoes on with a little more dignity.

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