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Spending October unburdening myself of creeper fic.

Kasper at school.
A study.
Note: NSFW underage, bullying, rape

In the story of Kasper's development, there was a time he was sent to boarding school. After a certain kidnapping attempt. It was "secure" in the sense of keeping most of the boys in, and most of the outside out. By mission and admission, an upper-class school, full of pampered little masters, but like most schools, it worked as an endurance test for social survival.

So yes, there was a lot of bullying, and most teachers didn't give a fuck about the boys' problems since they were harassed on a daily basis too. Sometimes it amazed Kasper how much they--the pupils--got away with, especially as a class. It being a boarding school (with a few day-boys), a healthy contraband market was to be expected, and gave Kasper some early practice in the trade. After getting over the early phase of being a delicate little bitch, he learned his way into indispensable charisma and affability, endearingly filthy habits, and a ruthless business sense.

Dear little sister Koko lived across the way in the newer affiliated girls' college. And although they could meet sometimes at the boundary fence to exchange tips or news, their sides never officially mixed except at the annual school ball. Sometimes Kasper had watched how other siblings interacted across the divide--open comfort for a few tears; best sibling status for a couple cigarettes; or bashful demands to keep chin up and not worry Pater and Mater.

He didn't have a sister like that. Koko didn't come crying to him, nor did she want anything as paltry as tobacco. She was gleeful, showed her sharp smile as he worked on appearing just nice enough. Koko was already smarter. She had plans, always. It wasn't even a year before Lehm turned up to escort her home to a private tutor. No surprise then that she also got Europe and Africa. Little sylph.

But back to dorm life. When Kasper matriculated he was at the sweet spot of the Fourth Form--always notorious for being the most appalling and lunatic cohort in any school. Unlikely to be bothered by the seniors in unsavoury ways, and not yet academically burdened the way the higher forms were. It gave him time to work on his priorities. Sometimes Kasper wondered how he ever learned enough curriculum related material to pass exams. Or was that where investing in passable cheating skills came in?

On the subject of "unsavoury relations", naturally it was all forbidden, even when consensual. Grounds for expulsion and all that. Of course, when the Headmaster made speeches at the start of term there would be optimistic intolerance for bullying, and some hemmed allusions to buggery and the dangers of "youthful spirits" that should be tempered with sports. Kasper found he was rather good at cricket because it involved hitting things. Though fielding was the pits.

Anyhow, there was rather little besides individual scruples or fear of punishment keeping anyone from picking off an easy target when they felt the inclination.

For seniors especially there was a certain amount of pride and reputation involved in everything. The prefects, being decadent fucks, could get their breakfast served in bed if they liked. That wasn't to say that all fags were coerced into giving up their time and innocence. Sometimes the study of an influential senior could be the best place to be for a lower-school lamb.

But like most of the average middle bulk of the student body, Kasper never became directly involved in that niche. When he used someone, it was only once, and then he disposed of them. Of course at that time he wasn't near the level of having someone killed for his convenience.

Now let's end on a little early sexual experimentation. It was with a boy a year older, someone Kasper had acquainted and vaguely played at friendship with. This boy was deeply self-absorbed in his bitterness at being victimized in the most banal and repetitive of schoolyard bullying. Kasper got him drunk once (on rather decent vodka), and the fellow ranted about his hardships for almost a full hour. And then he got quiet, and Kasper tied him up, though he didn't really struggle the whole time, kind of just cried and moaned about it. Kasper wasn't paying much attention to all that. There were so many details to savour and store. Like the deep red lines the shoe laces left on the boy's wrists. In the middle of it Kasper removed the gag to hear his squeaky hiccup moans. In that shitty little attic room the boy left a cum stain on the floor.

Kasper won his freedom from that institution after Fifth Form, and then it became much easier, and more satisfying to experiment.
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