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Title: Pleasure This Pain
Fandom: Gundam 00
Word count: 3132
Characters: mob+Ali/Soran
Note: NSFW/PWP consensual gangbang but played out as an abduction + rape fantasy, name-calling, some violence/injury, messy bodily fluids but not outright scat. idek this is nebulously in a timeline AU where Ali kept Soran into adulthood and trained him up to be some sort of precious protege/murder husband. And this fic is the part where Soran has this gangbang fantasy and Ali makes it happen. That's it.

When the hood was pulled from his head, Soran found himself in a bare concreted room--maybe a cellar or industrial space, lit by halogen tubes. Still tied with his wrists behind his back he'd been walked here from the truck, dropped onto this dirty old seat cushion, and then tied wrists-to-ankles so he couldn't do much kicking. Not a gun in the room. Smart, since he could break the zip-ties, but going against a group of big guys hand-to-hand didn't give him odds he really wanted to test right now.

It was easier to breathe without the sack over his head, but with the nervous state he was in and the packing tape still keeping his mouth shut, he was dragging noisy quick breaths through his nose. One of the guys crouched over and ripped the tape away. It left a fierce burn, but Soran gasped in relief to finally feel like he could breathe without passing out, even though it usually wasn't a problem to just breathe through his nose.

Someone pulled a knife and suddenly slashed at Soran's shirt. The move startled him a bit, and a moment later he knew they'd drawn blood. He kept quiet, figuring that if he yelled or something it wasn't just pointless but could provoke sudden worse violence.

"Hey, easy. Wait until Karlo gets here. Boss'll be pissed if you break anything."

Someone scoffed. "He's fine! Anyway, gotta expect a little bruising with the job."

"Yeah, but boss's orders were not to hurt him."


Soran's loose jacket was ripped down further, bunched uncomfortably over his bound wrists. The knife next slashed long tears into his trousers. His heart was starting to pound. He'd figured from the moment he'd lost the fight against his attackers and been bundled into the truck with a hood over his head that he'd be tortured at some point.

"I've heard he whores himself out, sweetens the deal for his boss's dealers and clients." There was some laughter and agreement. "Fucking your way to the top, huh?"

Soran swallowed hard, feeling himself prickle with gooseflesh and sweat, but he was still keeping himself from outright panic. Shreds of fabric hung off his body and littered the floor. His thighs were being held open, skin exposed through the tattered fabric of his trousers. So this was how it was going to go.

"Not gonna deny it, huh, slut."

Someone else said, "Tch, so he's not a virgin? Shame." There was more laughter at that.

The thin fabric of Soran's boxer briefs was nicked and torn, only to expose his cleft in this position, but the shape of his half-erect cock was visible through his underwear and ripped pants. A finger slid between his asscheeks, touched over his pucker, and Soran couldn't help shivering.

"Horny little slut, he's totally into it."

"That's too bad. I was hoping he'd start screaming and begging."

"Sounds like a challenge."

Someone breathed over his ear. "This place's been empty for weeks. You can make all the noise you want. Nobody'll hear you even if you want them to."

Soran resolutely turned his face further to the side to avoid meeting anyone's gaze, though the cushion under his head was dusty and rank. As the groping along his thighs and into the gap of his underwear continued, he felt heat rising to his face. A dribble of spit aimed for his ass while his legs were forced further apart. Then the finger that had been passing up and down his cleft suddenly pushed into him on the slimy sensation of spit. Soran flinched and clenching his teeth as it went deep and then began twisting around.

"Man, he's taking it easily." The finger retreated, and then two were pushed in. "Guess he's had a lot of practice taking it up the ass." Excitement was trembling in their laughter.

"Lemme see that." Another finger wriggled its way inside him, making Soran feel the stretch almost painfully now, and he tried to relax his muscles because he was hanging on to pragmatism in the face of knowing that they'd no doubt make him take more.

"He's still pretty tight though, squeezing my fingers real nice."

Although the sensation was rough and a bit too dry, Soran was beginning to feel more than the heat of shame and apprehension. He was trembling faintly, and pressed his lips tightly closed against the sounds trying to leave his mouth.

A warm sweaty hand grabbed Soran's knee. A hard cock pressed into his thigh through jeans. Uncoordinated, the fingers inside him kept him squirming between unease and little flashes of pleasure. His underwear was ripped further, and Soran felt the unpleasant reality of his cock straining hard under the loose remains of fabric. The fingers inside him were sliding easily with wetness, and starting to angle towards his prostate. An embarrassingly meek and cracked moan escaped him as he shuddered through the addition of a fourth finger.

"You like having your ass played with, little bitch?"

"What a slut."

Soran sucked his bottom lip between his teeth, and struggled against the holds on his legs. His foot glanced off someone's side, but they'd taken his boots, and more hands joined in to push his legs apart.

"Bad idea, whore. Looks like you've still got a lot to learn."

Soran panted and almost growled at the strain being put on his tendons. "Fuck." They eased off a bit after a moment, when it looked like he wasn't about to start struggling again.

A large gloved hand covered the back of his neck, gave just a light squeeze, and a low voice by his ear said, "Status?"

Soran licked his lips and said, "Green."

"All right." The hold turned into a brief caress, and then it was gone again.

The fingers left his ass, and Soran felt he could catch his breath for a minute, even as they were shifting him, raising his hips, crowding closer around him. Trousers were unzipped, cocks drawn out, some already hard and eager, others being stroked to fullness.

"Here, blindfold him." They all had kept their faces partially hidden under scarves, but that sort of thing was never comfortable for long.

"Yeah, yeah."

Something like a thick sleeping-mask was secured over Soran's eyes, nothing he could dislodge by tossing his head around.

"Easy now, we can be nice if you behave. Here, this is what you're after, aint it?"

Warm soft skin rubbed against his cheek, the thick scent of musk and sex filling his senses.

"Here, you want this fat dick splitting your ass, little cock-slut?"

Fingers twisted in his hair and rubbed his face against a long thick cock and heavy balls. Soran clenched his teeth and flexed his wrists against the ties until his hands started to tingle. Someone pinched his nipples, rough, groping. Apart from the fingers still in his hair, a firm hand took hold of his jaw, and the hot length of a cock rubbed over the tight seam of his lips. He was so fucked. So fucked up. His throat bobbed with the spit gathering in his mouth.

The hand on Soran's jaw was trying to get his mouth open, which he resisted. A sharp slap across the cheek startled him into gasping, going slack for a moment. And then that uncut cock was crowding his mouth, making for his throat, and Soran almost gagged. After a few insistent thrusts that had him swallowing painfully around the thick cock-head and muffling a whine into that flesh, things picked up again further down his body.

The tatters of his clothing were ripped away, exposed skin slapped and pinched and groped; and he'd forgotten his body's response until a hand wrapped around his dick, and they jeered over how hard he was for this. A thumb smeared precum around his tip, making him squirm with the rough hold. In the dark of the blindfold Soran felt light-headed, almost dizzy, not quite there in his body, though he could feel so much. There were wet fingers in his ass again, pumping into him fast and hard, and it would've stung more if the shithead hadn't been so spot on with rubbing over his sweet spot.

The guy in his mouth was taking it easy for the moment, just shallowly taking his mouth. Someone else was waiting his turn by rubbing against Soran's sore cheek, and against his chest. And the pleasure rippling up his spine was making his hips work, making him want, making him weak.

Then the fingers were replaced by a dick rubbed into his slippery cleft, the tip pressing at his pucker. The anticipation was making Soran want to fight again, made him strain so the ties strained into his wrists and ankles. Someone slapped the insides of his thighs, and his knees were tugged wider again. The cock pulled out of his mouth, and that was some sort of warning before the other guy shoved into his ass.

It didn't hurt after the first few seconds, but he was suddenly so full, so deep, his empty mouth fell open on an unvoiced scream. Then Soran was panting, moaning, as he was just fucked to be used, his mouth filled again. And at the hard selfish pace the guy in his ass was going it didn't take long before he was groaning and telling him to "fucking take it, slut… yeah, oh fuck."

Soran heard a condom snapping as it was ripped off, and then burst after burst of cum covered his stomach and chest. A hand closed around Soran's throat, holding him still while he listened to the wet smack of skin as another guy fisted over his dick, and then painting Soran's face with another big load. The blindfold kept it out of his eyes, but his open panting mouth got more than a few streaks, and then the sticky head was rubbing over his parted lips, pushing onto his tongue.

"Lick it all up, whore. And you'd better do a good job."

For a moment Soran jerked against the hold on his hair and jaw, bared his teeth and hissed. He was slapped again, and Soran spat up the cum that was already in his mouth.

"This little bitch…"

"Hey, Mike, you should do him now. He's still a bit fresh."

Soran heard a low grumble of agreement, and then he was being lifted up easily as a doll. He fell against a broad hairy chest, ass spread before he felt a new blunt pressure forcing into his hole. Soran couldn't help gasping, a breathy litany of "oh fuck, shit, fuck," leaving his throat. This guy was huge. He was actually going slowly, sinking in little by little as Soran's body fought between tensing up and trying to loosen up. The rest of his body seemed pretty massive as well as he lifted and manhandled Soran into the position he wanted. He had Soran splayed over his thighs, sinking down on that monster dick and unable to brace himself for any leverage. And he knew he was wide open to view like this, heard the men a little in awe as they watched every inch of that cock ream him. Soran was almost sobbing by the time he reached the base.

Someone behind him laughed, saying, "How you feeling now, little bitch? Like that? Bet you just love all this big fat cock tearing your ass."

A few solid slaps landed across his ass cheeks. The guy fucking Soran was weirdly gentle though, his deep rumbling voice shushing and praising him for being a good boy. Not what he'd been expecting, but it did help him relax, a calm lull. No-one tried to take his mouth while this guy was holding him, but he could hear them jerking off around him. Eventually there was some complaining because the big guy was taking his sweet time. The guy ignored them, and so did Soran.

As Soran got used to the fullness, it was heady; the big guy letting out deep harsh gasps of lust, and his huge cock pressing against that perfect spot inside Soran. Soran tried flexing his hips in a matching rhythm, getting more hot jolts of pleasure as his reward, pre-cum smearing on the big guy's abs. To Soran's sudden responsiveness, the guy rubbed his face in Soran's hair, groaning and breathing him in, rolling his hips up faster. "Damn… such a good boy for me, aren't you… oh… I'm gonna come in this sweet little ass, boy."

"Oh fuck," Sohran couldn't help whispering, "y-yeah, fuck me."

Soran's heart was pounding, his skin hot all over when the man growled in pleasure, and Soran felt the hard length pulsing inside him. It still hurt a little, but he was also so close to his own climax that it almost hurt more.

But he also didn't want to break down like that, to give in. He had to remember that these guys had kidnapped him, would probably kill him, weren't finished with him. He couldn't say he had much dignity left, but he didn't want to lose himself like that in front of these guys while they raped him. It was already bad enough that part of him got off on this, that his body was responding hungrily to any cock stuffed in him.

After he was dropped back to the floor, Soran just lay there. His ass felt raw and gaping, though maybe it was his imagination because he wasn't sure he could feel anything at all besides dull numbness below the waist.

"Fucking hell he's loose now."

"Think he can take two? I'm done with waiting around."

"Aw hell yeah, bring it on."

They moved Soran around, got him straddling a guy on the floor cushion. He barely felt the penetration. The guy below wasn't trying to thrust yet though, and Soran's dazed mind was swimming, pulse thundering at the anticipation and dread of knowing what came next.

Someone else shifted in behind Soran. Sure steady hands passed over his shivering back, squeezed at his hips, and in the moment it was too familiar not to arch his back and offer up his ass as best he could. The guy behind him fingered at his hole, pushing in alongside the cock inside him. It was just a moment, then
he almost screamed.

Soran was clenching his jaw so hard his teeth hurt, but nothing like the sharp agony lancing up his spine. He hissed and whimpered as the second cock stretched his ass further. The penetration was smooth and unrelenting, no escaping it as his head was pulled back by a fistful of hair. This guy was big too, and Soran knew vaguely that he was crying behind the blindfold, that everyone could hear him sobbing. He almost wanted to say it, make this all stop.

The hand on his waist smoothed up his side, between his shoulder blades, gentle. Soran managed to unclench his teeth, breathe deep. He could take this.

The guy under Soran started to flex up into him, impatient little jolts, but they were rubbing over his prostate. The guy behind was opening him up deep, pulling almost all the way out before sliding back in hard, over and over, and soon Soran was squirming with pleasure in pain.

But just as Soran was getting used to it, getting off on it, the guy pulled away; someone else took his place. Soran groaned when he felt a nudge at his lips. He realized it was the cock that had just been in his ass, without a condom. A pathetic little whine tightened his throat, but he had no fight left, no resistance. He sucked at the crown, smoothing his lips over the familiar girth, trying to ignore the bitter flavour, and vaguely grateful he couldn't taste blood. The guy let out a deep groan and shoved into Soran's throat a handful of times before pulling away again.

And then a different cock rubbed against his face before forcing between his lips.

After what felt like hours of being passed around, Soran was crying out without hesitation or embarrassment any more. He could barely focus--everything was just the sensations in his body, the pleasure, everything driving him out of his head. Cum and spit dripped over his tongue, down his already messy face. Forceful hands in his hair and around his neck never let up, kept him in place while he was fucked into from behind and below. His thighs trembled from staying in this position, but he wasn't even trying to hold his own weight or move.

"This slut's ass feels so good I'm gonna come again," someone groaned.

"How many times is that now? Man, I'm beat."

There were still two cocks wetly plunging in and out of Soran's ass, and all he could do was shudder under the onslaught, thinking only of how incredible it felt. And as he was pulled and supported, held and pounded, he tensed, mouth wide for more air or to scream. He couldn't even be sure if all that wetness splashing his belly was cum or piss. It all felt so beyond his control, so good, but so much.

As the movements of the others didn't stop, the tension didn't leave his body. It was still like he was burning up, about to pass out. He was aware though, of some of that pressure suddenly leaving his ass, of hands leaving his hips, more wetness dripping into the small of his back and down his thighs.

The grip on his hips turned fierce, dragging him down onto the cock that slammed into from below. It was so rough Soran cried out and sobbed in pain. But just as quickly it was over. After that he was rocked slowly while the man moaned Soran's name into his hair. Those big hands stroked gently over his sides, down to his thighs; they lifted him enough for the softening cock to slide out of him. A thick trail of cum ran out of him, but he didn't much care as he was rolled over to lie down, and the blindfold was removed. The ties were cut, and he could finally stretch his sore limbs out.

Cum stained the cushion and the floor. The guys were talking and laughing amongst themselves in the background, leaving Soran to relax and catch is breath on the long cushion. There was still a slight tremble running through his body even as his heart-rate slowed and he drifted in a doze with his eyes closed. Someone scuffed closer, standing over him, and then leaning down.

"You liked that, huh?" Ali asked.

As he turned and opened his eyes, Soran began to smile.

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