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Title: Ride
Fandom: Gundam 00
Characters: Lasse/Setsuna
Prompt: drive
Word count: 577
Note: Some hundred years ago I said I'd write more Lasse/Setsuna, didn't I...? As if 00 hadn't ruined my feelings enough, side material revealed that Lasse used to be in the mafia?!? Uhhh and because of his job as bridge-bunny in CB I like to believe he was a driver... /mumblemumble

Two days off and Lasse knew Setsuna wouldn't know what to do with the time. Sure, Setsuna might use the time for training and studying, or Lockon might do his team-big-brother thing to get the guy to relax a bit and have fun, but ever since the al-Saachez reveal Lockon had been quietly increasing his training time and using his leave days to research--or so Lasse guessed. Lockon had the role of easy-going one of the team, but when it came down to it revenge was priority number one. Lasse could get that. People didn't cheerfully devote themselves to trying to eradicate war through military intervention unless they'd been fucked up pretty bad somewhere along the line.

Anyway, that wasn't his concern. A day off (on Earth) meant finding a sweet ride and spending the day driving around. And Setsuna was surprisingly easy to convince, though he wasn't perceptibly keen either--that was reserved for his Gundam.

Lasse wasn't going to lie that the first thing he'd checked out at the mansion--even before picking a room--was the underground garage. A place like that had to have at least a couple of nice cars. The really flash babies were never kept out here in the country unless the mistress was in residence, but the remaining selection was still worth more than his bank balance. Also trust rich people to just keep the keys handily lined up in the hallway near the coat room.

Setsuna skulked around to the passenger-side door. Maybe he'd also accepted the invitation because when they were driving there was little need to talk. In a powerful car like this Lasse would rather be listening to the motor than any talk. Sharing the experience and showing off his skills was something he liked though. Setsuna was the perfect passenger for that. And if there was someone Lasse liked showing off in front of, Setsuna definitely counted. Partly because it was so damn hard to impress the kid at all.

Even without Setsuna saying anything about it, Lasse could see that he enjoyed drives, especially out of the city, where they could go fast, or cruising through rural scenery. They both had a thing for convertibles in late summer/fall. Setsuna raised his face into the cooling wind, his thick hair whipped about, eyes almost closed.

On the near-empty roads Lasse let himself go. And Setsuna just took it in. He didn't get scared, or sick, or call him a bloody psycho driver. Just sometimes he reached out to grab Lasse's thigh, unconsciously anchoring himself, and Lasse liked feeling he was the one grounding Setsuna even as he pushed the line of danger.

He was here for this; seeing adrenaline work through Setsuna when it wasn't a fight or mission or gruelling training; cheeks blushed, wide pupils making his eyes even darker, just from the exhilaration of being along for the ride.

When Lasse eased up, brought them smoothly into normal traffic, Setsuna's pulse was racing still, short on breath. He squeezed Lasse's thigh for a long moment, before withdrawing into his own space again. The sleepy-eyed flushed look Setsuna was giving him was like winning. It wasn't the start to anything though, it was coming down, and Lasse felt the same way. Driving like this was its own thrill and satisfaction. The high was so good that afterwards he didn't really feel like anything more. Except maybe some grossly unhealthy takeout, for which Setsuna needed no convincing.

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