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Title: Doing it Good
Fandom: Touken Ranbu
Characters: Yagen, Kashuu/male!Saniwa (basically married ok)
Word count: 500
Summary: Saniwa is really late (because DMM cockregion-blocked him), and Kashuu gets worried but doesn't want to show it. Also he's everyone's reliable senpai. ;w;
Note: It's been awhile. This update brought to you by tipsiness and Kashuu feely feels. This Saniwa is a shameless trash.

Yagen had made the evening inspection of the stables, went around the keep, made sure all troops would be ready to sortie as soon as Saniwa returned. As head page he always had something to do, but for now he decided to take a breather and wait in Saniwa's study. It was already several hours after sunset.

While Yagen was flipping through an account book that had been bent in some scuffle of his younger brothers' (or the little tigers'), Kashuu came in with a tea tray. Yagen jumped up to take it from him, and without his burden Kashuu sighed and swept his ponytail out of his damp nape.

"Thanks, Kashuu-san," Yagen said.

"No sight of him yet." Kashuu was on par with Ookurikara in not wanting to admit worry, but when it concerned the master his feelings pinched around his eyes, and Yagen saw it clearly enough. After Kashuu sat down he seemed to melt.

Neither of them touched the tea pot or sweets on the tray. Kashuu untied the sleeve stay ribbon from his kimono, and rearranging the seat cushions; then rearranged himself, drawing up into his elegant posture again and smoothing the folds of his kimono. They rarely talked in moments like these, on matters that didn't concern their missions, and the war. It was unnecessary.

When Saniwa finally did appear, he promptly collapsed on the floor of his room and used Kashuu's thighs as a pillow.

"General, what are you doing?" Yagen asked.

"Crying internally."

"Master, was there 'maintenance' today?" Quite regularly the portal between their worlds was closed because of this phenomenon, and meant that Saniwa would arrive a little late.

"Yes, but... that wasn't the problem. Ahh, I'm so relieved. I thought I'd never get to see you again. Any of you."

Kashuu and Yagen exchanged a look of mixed amusement, exasperation, and relief. After all, they were both devoted to this fool.

"The ducklings are eating their supper," Kashuu said gently. He had adopted Saniwa's teasing expression from the early days when Kashuu was the lone uchigatana heading a small brood of tantou and wakizashi. Now "ducklings" meant all the newer arrivals.

By the time Saniwa's feelings had calmed down, it was time to prepare for bed.

"Even though I'm head page, I don't think the General would've listened to me. You're reliable as always, Kashuu-san," Yagen said with earnest awe.

Kashuu had stayed close to Saniwa's quarters even while he dealt with various duties of the honmaru, in expectation of Saniwa's arrival. He always contributed to the smooth running of the citadel even when he wasn't on any official duty. He'd made sure dinner was served on time, had mediated a quarrel in the barracks, and left Yagen time to take care of his own duties. Never mind his blase and cat-like presence in the citadel, Kashuu could be relied upon.

Kashuu brushed it off with a casual remark as usual. But he could see him thinking, "I wasn't chosen as first sword for nothing, brat!"
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