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I'll Drown
Some nebulous pre-canon involving an attempted hit on Kasper, written for [community profile] bloodyvalentine. On a tangent, I think it's adorable how he always calls her "Chiquita-san~" in canon...
Note: NSFW underage, gore, urine, slightly sexual

Kasper squirmed uncomfortably. Chiquita had left him in this run-down warehouse for what felt like a while now, but he wasn't allowed to leave his cramped hiding spot. He tried to look around a stack of cardboard without moving too much, cradling his sprained right arm; his knees were scraped and bruised too. Chiquita had wrenched him up and kept him from completely falling on his face while they'd been running.

The big splotches of drying blood on his white knee socks weren't his though. Chiquita had shielded him from most of the splattering, but blood and some bits that looked quite glob-like had landed on his shirt and shorts too. They were becoming less noticeable as they dried and flaked, a little to Kasper's disappointment.

Now that he was waiting, Kasper had all the time and quiet to be painfully aware of the pressure in his bladder. He didn't know if he could wait until they got home. If he peed his pants and Koko saw she'd mock him for the next month. While he was considering all this and telling himself to suck it up, Chiquita reappeared in the narrow space above him.

'Come on, time to get a move on. The comm's cut but we're not sticking around here,' she said, and pulled him up easily.

'Miss Chiquita...'

'What's up, kiddo?'

'I- I need to pee,' Kasper said, but Chiquita didn't even look at him. She was already striding ahead, glancing around the yard outside the building.

'It's not a good time, little man. Just hold it in a bit longer.' She'd tossed the snatched pistol and had switched to one of her favourite hunting knives. When she did look back at him, her smile was full of anticipation; Kasper's dick gave a confused twitch as she tucked him close to her side.

The pain from his arm kept Kasper mostly distracted until Chiquita shoved him into the backseat of a taxi. During the drive he lay there, all tense and continuing a chant of 'Don't piss, don't piss,' in his head. When he thought he might pass out, the car stopped and Chiquita looked at him from the driver's seat. 'Home wharf, kiddo. You can go and run to the can now.'

Kasper tentatively tried to sit up, but everything hurt and his bladder was ready to pop. 'I can't,' he whimpered.
She sighed and got out to open the door on his side.

'The little klutz sprained his ankle, but he'll live,' Chiquita said cheerfully as she whisked Kasper into the family living quarters of the ship. 'Don't worry, the blood's not his.'

She hustled him into the nearest bathroom and kicked the door shut behind them. The jolt and sudden relief of reaching the bathroom made Kasper's bladder relax too soon, and with horror and guilty relief he felt the hot piss soak into his underwear and out of his shorts. It was such a relief he couldn't help groaning.

Chiquita tensed as she noticed the situation, but kept holding him in her arms. When he dared to look up at her wide-eyed expression Kasper started to tear up. He hadn't meant for this to happen at all and now she probably wanted to kill him.

'I'm, I'm so sorry, Miss Chiquita,' he whined.

'God damn, kiddo.' She dropped him onto the shower floor, and turned to the sink, where she unloaded her weapons for washing. Of course they were her first priority to clean.

He couldn't bring himself to stand up and turn on the shower or take off his clothes, so he stayed how he was, sniffling and watching Chiquita's back while she worked. After a few minutes she turned back to him.

'Come on, stop crying, little man. Hey, remember? you didn't cry when you almost got your pretty little head shot off.' She ruffled his hair and Kasper hiccuped through trying to suppress more sobs.

'You, you can get me back, for... peeing on you.'

'What's that?'

'Eye for an eye.'

She scoffed, and then leaned in so close their noses almost touched. 'You're asking me to piss on you?'

'I don't want you to be mad at me.'

'Well shit, would you look at that,' she said, tugging at his ripped and blood-stained sleeve. 'Your uniform's already ruined. Good thing your daddy can afford to buy 10 new ones to replace this one, huh?'

Kasper caught sight of a glint of metal, and then she had a knife in her hand and was cutting up the line of buttons on his shirt. He squeaked and froze, but she was done in a second anyway. His heart thudded and even the pain in his arm didn't seem so important when she pushed the ruined material away.

'You're really cool when you cut people up,' he blurted.

She snorted. 'Yeah, sure saved your cute butt.'

'My butt isn't cute,' Kasper said, and pouted, though he liked it whenever Chiquita said nice things about him.

'Bet you just never checked it out,' she said, and twirled the knife in her hand to a different angle before slipping it against the top of one of his thighs. Busy biting his bottom lip, Kasper didn't make a sound this time as she cut his shorts away. He shivered, recalling the movements of her knife through flesh and the scattering of blood.

'What are you going to do?' he said.

Chiquita smirked in the typical way that narrowed her dark eyes. 'Y'know, when you're grown up you learn to keep it in until the time's good.'

She undid her fly, and rummaged with her underwear until she brought out a short plastic tube through the opening of her jeans. Kasper gawked and reached out to touch it, and she chuckled.

'This makes it easier to take a leak when there's no toilet. This baby's even pretty accurate for writing messages in dirt. Want me to write you something?'

He nodded quickly, and lifted his hands away from his chest. The anticipation made his belly squirm, but as he watched yellow liquid fill and then spill out of the clear tube, he almost giggled. It left streaks in the thin dust residue on his skin--dark, pungent and so much more than he had ever pissed. It warmed him up, even more because the letters spelled out C-H-I-Q-U-I-T-A.

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gemais: Omi (omi at night)
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I enjoyed reading this! I like the adorable relationship between them. I wonder if Chiquita, and Jormungand is as good as you make it sound? Someone who is a badass with knives and a lot of fun.

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